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MakeVideoLink.com is a free tool that helps you share a link to a video at a specific time.

One of the primary ways we use the internet is share and view video content. We visit major video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, we find videos we like, and we often want to share videos with friends or collogues. Sometimes you want to send a link to a video by email, and you want the video to start at a certain time. Our tool helps you make a video link that you can share, that starts when you want it to start.

Make video link is one of many products developed by Japanese media company, Mitsuashimon.

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Our free tool works with all the major video sites:

Easily link to a YOUTUBE video

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Make a VIMEO video link with timestamp

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Link to a TWITCH video at a certain time

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You can link to a specific time in a FACEBOOK video

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Or share a DAILYMOTION video with link to a specific time

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Q: What is the best tool to make a link to a video that starts at a certain time?

A: Most video platforms offer a sharing function that includes a timestamp, but if you use MakeVideoLink.com, you can create video links in any of the above major sites with a timecode all in one place.

Q: What is a timestamp of a video?

A: A timestamp, otherwise known as a timecode, is a reference to a specific time in a video. This is useful when you are trying to share a video starting at a certain time.

Q: Can you link to a video at a certain time?

A: You can link to a video so it starts at a specific time. Most video sites offer that feature, but it isn’t always easy to know how. We provide one place for all your favorite video sites.