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Our free tool works with all the major video sites:

Easily link to a YOUTUBE video

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Make a VIMEO video link with timestamp

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Link to a TWITCH video at a certain time

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You can link to a specific time in a FACEBOOK video

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Or share a DAILYMOTION video with link to a specific time

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Q: Can you link to a video at a certain time?

A: You can link to a video so it starts at a specific time. Most video sites offer that feature, but it isn’t always easy to know how. We provide one place for all your favorite video sites.

Q: What is a video timestamp?

A: A video timestamp is information about a specific time in a video. This is useful when you are trying to share a certain part of a video without having to watch the rest of it.

Q: How do I share a timestamp link of a video?

A: Creating a link that starts where you want isn’t the same for every video platform. It’s a pain trying to figure it out every time, so we made MakeVideoLink.com, which works the same with all major video sites.