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We created the best tool to share a Facebook video that starts at a specific time. In this post we’ll teach you some basic stats about Facebook, with a concentration on how to share Facebook video links, and instructions on how to send a Facebook video with a start time.

Facebook is a social network, and the largest one at that. It is not specifically a video hosting platform, but Facebook hosts an incredible volume of video uploaded by Facebook users. In that way, it competes as a video destination with sites like YouTube and DailyMotion.

The purpose of this site is help people share video URLs. To that end, we are especially focused on when and how to share Facebook videos. Our tool makes it easy to send a Facebook link at specific time.

Facebook Company Profile

Facebook is located in Menlo Park, CA, and was founded in February 2004. It was originally for college students only, and sometime around 2005-2006, it became available to the general public. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin.

These days, Facebook is part of Meta Platforms (which trades as META), which also owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and popular platforms for information and communication. Facebook has 2.96 billion users (2022), and something close to 20% of the content posted to Facebook is video. Mark Zuckerburg remains the CEO of Facebook.

Facebook is a social network, but includes a tremendous amount of video sharing. Sometimes the content is hosted on other sites like YouTube, but often the content is uploaded directly to Facebook itself. If you find a video on Facebook, and you want to link to a Facebook video at a certain time – you can use a Facebook timestamp link to do that.

Sharing Videos on Facebook

For many reasons, the videos on Facebook are shared. And since sharing video URLs with start times is the focus of this site, we have done some research about Facebook videos, and developed a tool to help share Facebook videos.

In general, online videos are used to entertain and to educate. In the case of Facebook, both personal accounts and accounts that exist to promote a business will upload video posts to Facebook to share content and ideas.

Imagine watching some of that Facebook video content, and wanting to share a particular scene with a friend – but not the entire video. You could send the URL, and tell your friend what time in the video to look for, but that experience makes it harder for your friend (and less likely they’ll see what you want them to see).

A better solutions is to link directly to a specific time in the Facebook video – so you can direct your friends to exactly the part of the video you want them to see. It is a much better experience for the person receiving the video, if the Facebook video starts at the exact time you want.

It is possible to link directly to a specific start time in a Facebook video, but Facebook does not make it easy. You have to manually build the Facebook URL so it starts at a certain time, or…

For the easiest, best way to make a video link with a start time, our Facebook timestamp generator helps you share videos, and works for all major video platforms as well.

How to Add a Start Time to a Video on Facebook

To make and share a Facebook video link at a certain time, you can use a timestamp in the Facebook video URL.

A Facebook video with a timestamp is made as you add a timecode parameter, and a specific time value for that parameter, to a URL for a Facebook video. Most people are more interested in sharing the link than the technical aspects, so we developed our Facebook video sharing tool to add the time to a Facebook video for you. It’s free and very easy to use.

To share a Facebook URL is easy: You start with the Facebook URL and time you want, you specify that you want to start a Facebook video at a specific time, we build the link for you, and you copy the Facebook timecode link and send it to a friend.

Our video URL with timestamp tool works for all the major video platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo,, Facebook, and DailyMotion.

For a specific example of how to create a Facebook video at a certain time, see our article that documents the process of sharing Facebook links with timestamps.


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Q: Can I add a start time to a Facebook video URL?

A: Facebook doesn’t provide a way to create link that starts where you want. However, we have made it possible to create a Facebook video link that starts at a certain time at

Q: What is a timestamp of a Facebook video?

A: A video timestamp is information about a specific time in a Facebook video. This is useful when you are trying to share a certain part of a Facebook video without having to watch the rest of it.

Q: How do I share a Facebook video that starts at a specific time?

A: After you create a new Facebook link that starts where you want at, you can either copy the new link or directly share to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.