Video URL Links with Start Times (aka Timestamps)

We have a free, easy to use tool that helps you make a video link that begins at the time you want. The basic concept is related to the process of using a “timestamp” or a “timecode” so a video URL starts at specific time.

Below we have some research about timecodes in URLs, as well as specific notes about YouTube URLs that start at a certain time, Vimeo links with timestamps, how to share a Facebook video at a certain time, how to make a Twitch video start at a specific time, and more.

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You can easily add a timestamp to a video link so it starts when you want. Our tool works for major video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo,, Facebook, and Daily Motion. It’s free. Try now.

Our free tool works with all the major video sites:

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Make a VIMEO video link with timestamp

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Link to a TWITCH video at a certain time

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You can link to a specific time in a FACEBOOK video

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Or share a DAILYMOTION video with link to a specific time

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Q: What is the URL parameter to add a timestamp to a video URL?

A: A URL parameter is something that is added on to the end of an URL to change its properties. For video links, the most commonly used ones change the start time of the video.

Q: What is a timestamp of a video?

A: A timestamp, otherwise known as a timecode, is a reference to a specific time in a video. This is useful when you are trying to share a video starting at a certain time.

Q: How do I add a start time to a video link?

A: For most video platforms, you can add parameters to the end of the video URL to make the video start at a certain time. However, it isn’t the same for every video site. At, we provide a one-for-all(most) solution that you can use for all major video platforms.