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We offer an original tool to share a Twitch video at a specific time. In this article we’ll provide general statistics on the history of Twitch, some detail on sharing VOD videos, and some instructions on how to share a Twitch video URL with timestamp.

Twitch is different than video platforms like YouTube; Twitch has more of an emphasis on what they call “interactive livestreaming.” The service is most widely know for it’s focus on streaming experiences of video gameplay, but has content from sports and other entertainment as well

As the format is largely video, in terms of sharing videos on the internet, Twitch is a major platform for that content. The focus of our site is sharing online videos, so we take particular interest in that part of the experience. Our tool is the easiest way to share a Twitch video that starts when you want. Company Profile

Twitch was originally the gaming content category of a business called It was spun out on it’s own as in 2011. The founders are Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel, Kyle Vogt, and Kevin Lin. The company was sold to Amazon in 2014 for nearly $1 billion dollars. The current CEO is Emmett Shear. The company trades as part of Amazon (stock symbol: AMZN). is managed from the Amazon headquarters in San Francisco, CA. has approximately 2.6 million users (2021). Content creators feature their content on Twitch, and site visitors can view that content for free. The content is ad supported, and some percentage of the ad revenue goes to the content creator, some portion goes to Twitch.

There are two kinds of videos on; the “live streaming” aspect, but also archived copies of those livestreams that can be accessed as “video on demand” (VOD). The livestreams can be shared, but as they are live, you cannot specify a start time for a link to a livestream. But, as that same content is archived on the creators channel, you can then link to a specific moment in a VOD video.

Sharing Videos on

Videos on are shared for many reasons. Sometimes you might want to link to show a particular part of a Twitch video link for instructional purposes (to teach, or inform). Other times, is similar to sports content, in that you might want to see a particular moment in the action, and that could be a good reason to link to the middle of a VOD video to a show a highlight.

Since sharing video URLs is the focus of this site, we are interested in how users share Twitch videos.

Let’s say you’re interest in a particular video game. And there is a technique, or a skill, or a “secret” that a user has shown in a video. Imagine that you want to show a friend just that part where the player demonstrates that skill. But the video that is hosted on Twitch is hours and hours long (as they often are), and you want your friend to see that specific moment only. Just sending them the link to the beginning doesn’t make it easy to see what you want them to see.

For the easiest way to make a video link with a start time, our timestamp generator helps you share videos, and it also works for all major video platforms.

How to Add a Start Time to Video on

If you want to know how to add a start time to a video URL manually, it is possible, but it can be a little overly technical for some people.

The specific way to make a Twitch video start at a certain time is to add a timestamp to the URL. It is not that difficult to do that manually, as long as you know the proper URL parameter and you can convert the time to the proper value.

For everyone that would like to make that process easier, we developed our video URL sharing tool to add the time to a Twitch video – try it now (always free).

To share a Twitch URL is easy: You start with the Twitch video URL you want, you specify that you want to start a Twitch video at a specific time, we create the link for you, and you copy the link and send it to a friend.

Our video with timestamp tool works for all the major video platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo,, Facebook, and DailyMotion.

For a specific example of how to send a Twitch video at a certain time, see our article that documents the process of sharing Twitch links with timestamps.


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Q: Can I add a start time to a video URL?

A: A user may generate a Twitch link that starts at a specific time using the MakeVideoLink tool, or YouTube’s share function.

Q: What is a timestamp of a Twitch video?

A: A video timestamp is information about a specific time in a Twitch video. This is useful when you are trying to share a certain part of a Twitch video without having to watch the rest of it.

Q: How do I share a Twitch video that starts at a specific time?

A: After you create a new Twitch link that starts where you want at, you can either copy the new link or directly share to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.