How to Create a link to a Twitch Video with a Timestamp is a major platform for video, especially famous for it’s “livestream” content. And while you cannot link to a specific time in a livestream video, we will show how to add a start time to a URL for a “video on demand” (VOD).  As long as you are interested in video on demand content, we can show you the exact steps to create a link to a Twitch video that begins at any time you specify.

The easiest way to create Twitch video links with start times, is to use our tool to create links to videos. It’s free, fast, and works for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook,, and DailyMotion.

To learn how create a link to a certain time in video on, read on:

Steps to Share A Video at a Specific Time:

  1. You can share all Twitch video URLs, but you cannot link to a specific time in a livestream video
  2. However, when watching “video on demand,” URLs for Twitch VOD videos can include start times
  3. While watching the video, pause the video where you want the link to your video to start
  4. Locate the “Share” function (see below for an example)
  5. Click the “checkbox” for “Start at:”
  6. Twitch will add a timestamp to the end of the URL
  7. You then click “Copy Link”
  8. You can then paste that link into a message, and share it with a friend

Example of a Livestream Video

Here is a an example of regular “livestream video:”

Notice the “Live” in the upper right corner. This is a livestream video, which is streaming “in real time.” So unlike a typical prerecorded video you might see on YouTube, because a livestream is running in real time, the “time” that is shown (here in the lower right) is basically how long the livestream has been running.

There is a time component to a livestream, but you cannot link do it.

You Can Share URLs to Video Livestreams

There is a share button, but from livestream content, you’ll see you cannot link to a specific time in the video.  You can only add a start time to Twitch VODs (more below).

As you click the share feature for a livestream, you’ll see many options to share the video, but no opportunity to specify a time. You cannot link to a specific time in a livestream video until after it is accessible from the VOD section for that channel (more below).

You Can Add a Start Time to a a URL for a Video On Demand Video

Here is what a video looks like when you are watching it “on demand.” Notice this video no longer says “Live” in the upper right hand corner.  And the “time” is now seen in the lower left corner of the video.

While the video is essentially the same content as the streaming video, when you watch Twitch video on demand content it is not “live,” and you have better options for sharing, including the option to add a timecode to a Twitch video.

Pause the Video Where You Want the Video to Start

If you want to share a Twitch video that starts at an exact time, as you’re watching from “video on demand,” pause the video where you want your URL to start.

After the video is paused at the time your want it to start, then press the share button.

Here is a screenshot that shows the Twitch video share options for video on demand content. Unlike livestreaming share options, now you can see both the URL and a start time.

You cannot change the start time for a Twitch video from this “Share” screen. If you want to change the start time, close this window, resume watching the video, adjust the video to the specific time you want your Twitch video URL to start, then pause the video again. When you have the time where you want it to start, click “share” again, and you should have the time you want.

Create a URL with a Start Time on

Now, as you use the share function, you should see a URL for the video, and the time you want should be available. As you click the box to include the start time in the Twitch video link, the timestamp will be added to the URL.

Here you can see the URL. If you click the URL and scroll to the right, you will see the URL now includes a start time (t=xxxx).

Copy a URL for a VOD Video at a Certain Time

The next step is to copy the URL:

You can click into the area with the URL and then right-click, to save the video URL with the start time.  Or use “control + c” as a keyboard shortcut. Alternately, you can click the “copy” button and that will add the URL to your clipboard.

You can then paste the URL into an email or a message, and the video URL should start where you want it to start.

Create Video Links

Most of the video platforms have a feature that allows you to share a video at a certain time. But for the easiest, best way to make a video link with a start time, our Twitch timestamp generator helps you share videos, and works for all major video platforms.

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Q: How do I share a Twitch VOD link that starts where I want?

A: Twitch comes with a “share” function that adds a timestamp to the link, and allows you to send the new link directly through social media. This process is even easier if you use

Q: Can I make a timestamp link in Twitch?

A: Yes, by either using the “share” function, you can create a Twitch link with the timecode. offers an even easier way to create and share a Twitch link with a timecode.

Q: What is a Twitch video timestamp?

A: A Twitch timestamp is information about a specific time in a Twitch video. This is useful when you are trying to share a certain part of a Twitch video without having to watch the rest of it.