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We offer an online tool to send a Vimeo video with timestamp. In this article we’ll provide general statistics on Vimeo usage, sharing a Vimeo link instructions, and details on how to share a Vimeo video at a specific time.

Vimeo is a major online video platform, for creators that want to share their videos with no ads. Vimeo is a great place to view content, with less distractions than Vimeo competitors like YouTube.

We are especially interested when Vimeo videos are shared. Thousands of Vimeo videos are shared each year, and in this article we’ll focus on why users share Vimeo links and and how to share those links.

Our Vimeo link tool makes it easy to send a Vimeo link at specific time.

Vimeo Company Profile

Vimeo is located in New York, NY.

Vimeo was launched in November of 2004 by founders Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick. The site currently gets approximately 260 million users per month (2022).

Vimeo is a public company, is managed under the parent company IAC group, and trades it’s shares under the symbol VMEO.

Vimeo is a powerful alternative to YouTube, that focuses on giving content producers a place to host a video experience for their audiences, more so than providing users with content. The emphasis is a clean, professional experience, with more of a commercial feel.

Sharing Vimeo Videos

Each month on Vimeo, thousands of video URLs are shared. As sharing Vimeo video URLs is a focus of the site, that function of Vimeo is particularly important to us.

When you want to share content from Vimeo, you might choose to start a Vimeo video at a certain time – and share just the part of the video you want friends to see.

Maybe there is an idea, a scene, or an example in a Vimeo video that you want to share, but the video is several minutes or hours long. You don’t want to have to explain to your friend at what point to start the video – it is a better experience if the link to the Vimeo video starts at the specific time you want. In this way, as your friend clicks the link, they see exactly the idea you’re trying to share.

Their platform does provide a way to share Vimeo videos that start at a certain point, but it’s not easy to do. We built this tool to make the process of sharing links to videos consistent and easy to do.

For the easiest, best way to make a Vimeo video start at the time you want, our video timestamp URL generator helps you share videos, and works for all major video platforms.

How to Add a Start Time to a Video on Vimeo

You can share your Vimeo link at a certain time when you use a Vimeo timestamp in the URL. You can use a tool to add the timestamp for you, or you can add it manually. It is a slightly technical process.

A Vimeo video with a timestamp is made as you add a timecode parameter to a Vimeo link for a video. Some people know how to do that, but for everyone else, we developed our video URL sharing tool to add the exact time to Vimeo videos for you – try it now for free.

To share a Vimeo URL, first you start with the URL you want, you specify that you want to start a Vimeo video at a specific time, and our tool creates the Vimeo link for you. Then, you simply copy the Vimeo timecode link and send it to friends.

Our video with timestamp tool works for all the major video platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo,, Facebook, and DailyMotion.

For a specific example of how to send a Vimeo video at a certain time, see our article that documents the process of sharing Vimeo links with timestamps.


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Q: Can I add a start time to a Vimeo video URL?

A: A user may generate a Vimeo link that starts at a specific time using the MakeVideoLink tool, or Vimeo’s share function.

Q: What is a Vimeo video timestamp?

A: A Vimeo timestamp is information about a specific time in a Vimeo video. This is useful when you are trying to share a certain part of a Vimeo video without having to watch the rest of it.

Q: How do I share a Vimeo video that starts at a specific time?

A: After you create a new Vimeo link that starts where you want at, you can either copy the new link or directly share to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.